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(39.04372, -77.48749)
Data Center/Web Hosting/Transit
90 meters
20 Sep, 2018 06:52 PM (UTC -04:00)
Ashburn (USVA0027)
Information is provided by IP2Location Commercial version. Our free API is using IP2Location Lite version which provides lower accuracy.
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We offer a wide range of free services based on our IP address geolocation database:

  • Web based IP geolocation lookup
  • IP geolocation API (XML, JSON and CSV format)
  • API that generate IP CIDR by country for iptables or htaccess blocklist
  • E-commerce fraud detection API
  • IP database updated monthly
  • Support IPv6 Location API

IP Address Lookup

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The IPInfoDB.com has a goal of providing high-quality geolocation service to all users for free. For your information, our servers are currently running in almost full capacity. Thousands of new users sign-up every month since 2010.

We are improving the performance of web service by increasing the number of servers. Please consider making a donation to help fund the costs.

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